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    About Our Firm

    Craig Feringa Law

    The Law Office of Craig E. Feringa is dedicated to assist you achieve your legal objectives in the most efficient and effective way possible. To accomplish this goal we consider your input an essential part of the process. You are provided with the information, education and materials necessary to fully understand the legal process, understand and develop the skills necessary to control the emotions that come with the process, to provide direction to the attorney, and to make well-reasoned, informed decisions.

    Attorney Craig Feringa understands that you expect and deserve an attorney who will be personally responsive your needs. Mr. Feringa understands and is sensitive to your emotional and personal needs in the legal process. Our firm utilizes voicemail, e-mail, our web site, phone calls, Skype and convenient meeting times to maintain contact with each client to ensure that they remained informed and involved.

    The Law Office of Craig E. Feringa appreciates your consideration for all of your legal needs. If Mr. Feringa is unable to personally assist you with your legal needs, his years of experience and extensive professional contacts enables him to refer you to an attorney who will be able to effectively represent you.