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    The Law office of Craig Feringa has compiled helpful information about divorce and a collection of related website links. We hope that you find the information useful but please be reminded that all information on this website is given under the terms of our disclaimer.

    Wayne County:
    Probate Court:
    3rd Judicial Circuit Court:
    Friend of the Court:

    Macomb County:
    Circuit Court:
    Friend of the Court:

    Oakland County:
    Circuit Court:
    Friend of the Court:

    Washtenaw County:
    Circuit Court:

    Michigan State Government:
    Michigan State Disbursement Unit:
    Michigan Supreme Court:
    Friend of the Court Bureau:
    List of Friend of the Court Forms:
    Michigan Department of Human Services:

    Links to Helpful Documents:
    Michigan Custody Guideline
    Michigan Parenting time Guidelines
    Michigan Child Support Formula

    Links to Helpful Software:
    Timeline maker:
    Timeline maker is very helpful in documenting events that occur to a family. The software allows to track these events and to include notes regarding each event. This type of information is extremely important to gather for your family law legal case. The software allows you to print out a graphic display of these events to assist the judge or referee understand your concerns. The file can be e-mailed to your attorney for inclusion into motions or other court documents.

    Child and Spousal Support Software:
    – Michigan Law requires that the court set child support using a formula unless special needs or circumstances exist. This software will allow you to enter the financial data in yourself so that you can see if child support or spousal support modification is necessary.

    Parenting Time Calendar:
    – This software allows the user to enter parenting time including holidays and vacations and then print out the calendar. It is very helpful to document parenting time and to keep track of changes to orders.