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    Do-Some-of-it-Yourself Limited Legal Services

    No matter how trivial the matter, it is always better to have a lawyer represent you rather than doing it yourself.  Your lawyer is educated and trained in the practice of law, and you are not.  Your lawyer is not as emotionally involved in your case and you are emotionally involved, and therefore, you are unable to be objective.  Judges are supposed to be neutral in the matters before them, and cannot act as your advocate or your attorney.  Even if they think you may have a good argument, if you are unable to effectively communicate it, it won’t be heard.

    So, if there is any way to afford to hire an attorney … do it.  Having said all that, we understand that legal services are very expensive and no matter what, there are many people who just can’t pay an attorney.  For those people, we offer what is known as Limited Legal Services.


    Limited Legal Services are services that will assist you in preparing to represent yourself.  These services include help with filling out the necessary documents to file a motion or complaint, helping you draft a legal brief and teaching you the law that applies to the facts of your case.  We can also help you develop an argument and even practice your oral argument that you will make before the judge or referee.

    The Law Firm of Craig E. Feringa, P.L.L.C. is prepared to assist you in these matters.  Please click on “Tell Craig About Your Case” to begin, or contact Craig to discuss your specific situation with him to discuss how he can best help you accomplish your legal goals at or 586.463.9155